• -1. Trust the GM.
The implication of this rule is that things are going to happen to your character that you will have no control over and aren’t going to like, but if you trust me and allow me to guide you I will make it worth your while (barring fatal choices on the player’s side, of course).
I don’t believe in catering overly to my players. If something happens to them which they don’t enjoy, simply have patience and a little faith in the story.
I will appease or balance their feelings of being wronged. Did they lose a hand? Was their PC or NPC killed? I will give them a chance for revenge. Did they and/or their family grow up poor? I will give a chance to amass wealth.
Trust the GM!

Of course I will change some of rules from time to time if it makes for a better story.
Like change the way a spell works, changes to a class or race, or even ban some things.
But what I’m talking about here are rules to make the game fun for everyone!

A secret CODEX that every player must follow.

0. The DM Rules
1. I have the right to disagree with my DM and we will discuss anything I disagree with, but in the end, I will refer to rule 0.
2. DM is NOT responsible for player stupidity.
3. The most important thing is to have fun.
4. I will respect my fellow players and DM. I will not tell anyone to shut up or call anyone stupid… even if they are stupid.
5. I will not steal from my fellow players unless I am a sod. Even then if I am caught I can expect to be beaten/maimed/killed.
6. If I am a power gamer and I play an over-powered, bad-assed character then I can expect to meet more over-powered, bad-assed monsters.
7. I understand that some players may be new to D&D, so I will TRY to take it easy on them.
8. Anytime the DM says something about the rules, I will mentally tack on to the beginning, “The way I read it is…”
9. I understand I am responsible for my own: character sheet, paper, pencils, dice, and anything else I may need.
10. I may bribe the DM, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get anything. Well, it can’t hurt.
11. I understand if I am disruptive the DM will: Drop my character into a village of sods; drop my character into the 9 hells; drop my character into a village of evil/good extremists; drop my character into a dragon’s lair; or anything else his sick, twisted mind can think of.
12. I will be punctual and present on appointed sessions. I will not cancel a session unless something extreme occured. I value the time of others same as mine.
13. I understand that as the game progresses these rules may need to be changed or added to. This falls under rule zero.


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