Vilhalith's Valor

bard spellcasting with a shield
Killing the Nothic triggered something in Vilhalith; he has not felt like this for a long time.

He could not realize why are the feelings appearing now, out of any time.

Was it the newly created party? Was it the disappearance of Krog?
Were they friends? Could he call them friends?

He was unsure, but he would be afraid no more!
He has shown fear to a gustily Nothic!

Fear has no place in my heart!
Courage and Valor would be my guides.
If the others can carry medium armor, so can I.
If the others can carry shield, so can I.
If the others can wield martial weapons, so can I.
If the others can rush into battle, so can I…
Well maybe not in the Vanguard, but still I will protect the rascals, as they did protect me before!

Vilhalith's Valor

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