Vilhalyth Tyrneaneldth

The best looking, smartest and bravest Bard


I am the product of an elven father and a human mother. I never got the love of my mother because she gave her life to bring me to this world. And I never got the love of my father because he regreted the sinful night he spent with a human woman. And I was the steady reminder of his weakness.

The only thing I got from my father was my mocking name (“weak finger of his people”) and the name of his proud family.

After that he shoved me away, completely out of his sight. And for such reason there is no better place than the Underdark.
So, I found myself at the service for the Bregan D’aerthe at Menzoberranzan. At a service as a slave.

A half elf, half human amongst Drows will only find a cruel and painful life.
Luckily. I am gifted with musical abilities. There is no instruments I am not able to play and I have a pleasant voice. Furthermore I know how to use words to achieve my goals.

So, this guild of thieves, assassins and spies recognized my values and I got trained to their benefits. During all that training it turned out that I am not only skilled with musical instruments but also with lethal instruments. In particular with daggers and rapiers.

Because of my talents and my obvious curiosity they decided that I can join their ranks. That’s the good thing you tell about the Bregan D’aerthe. They are not Drow-only if you are benefitial to their business.

But not having the care and love of parents and the way I was raised, left their tracks. I have to admit that you will find me intoxicated more often than sober. And I am trying to compensate the lack of love with the warmth of naked body. Most preferably female, but not exculisvely.

Because of my curiosity it is easy to get in contact with me. I am light-minded and welcoming … on the surface.
I like, respect and honor those with a strong display of ability and personality.

But it is hard to develop trust and at the end I believe that everybody is only taking care about themself.
So, better not wasting too much time, money and energy with getting friends. Either they die or they will turn away, anyways.

Vilhalyth Tyrneaneldth

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