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You get drunk when you drink more ales then the constitution modifier you have… After that for each ale drank within the hour.. you get a DC10 Constitution Check.. if you fail this check the number of your constitution modifier….→ When enough liquid courage is imbibed advance one level of inebriation. Effects of inebriation are cumulative.

Natural 1 on saving throw gives you a blackout if you are drunk, if not it makes you drunk… (blackout – you are allowed to go full satire :) )
Natural 20, resets your failed drinking – saving throws
inebriation Points:
① Disadvantage on Persuasion and Deception; Advantage on Strength & against Frightened
② Disadvantage on Ability Checks; Roll Hit Dice and gain temporary hit points
③ Disadvantage on Saving Throws; Cannot dash or move more than 10’ in the same direction
④ Disadvantage on Attack Rolls; Damage Resistance
⑤ Blackout

Hangover lasts : #ales/2 hours… you suffer half-speed penalty
Special points:

  1. The Halfling throws up after each glass… making him sick… so he also can also fit the rules.. instead of drunkenness, just exhaustion level.. Lucky trait does not apply when exhausted, it does if he is not
  2. The Bard gets advantage on his Constitution Saving Throws until he becomes drunk, as he is a DRUNK in his backstory…

Medicine DC10 check, removes Hangover…
Longrest or time in hours not drinking in the number of ales drank… removes Drunkenness…
{Drinking/Beeing drunk} for longer then 8 hours you get one level in Exhaustion


You got cooking proficiency.. I thought about it.. After a survival check >10 you can hunt something down and cook it(or if there is food to be cooked).. you roll for cooking <8(-10speed)>17(+1 Temp HP for 4hours)
Natural 1→ -1HP Natural 20→ +1 temp hp for whole day 24h

Home Rules

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