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You get drunk when you drink more ales then the constitution modifier you have… After that for each ale drank within the hour.. you get a DC10 Constitution check.. i→ When enough liquid courage is imbibed advance one level of inebriation. Effects of inebriation are cumulative.

Natural 1 on saving throw is 3 inebriation points
Natural 20 counts as -1 inebriation point,
inebriation Points:—
① Disadvantage on Persuasion and Deception; Advantage on Strength & against Frightened
② Disadvantage on Ability Checks; Roll Hit Dice and gain temporary hit points
③ Disadvantage on Saving Throws; Cannot dash or move more than 10’ in the same direction
④ Disadvantage on Attack Rolls; Physical Damage Resistance
⑤ Blackout

Hangover lasts : #ales/2 hours… you suffer half-speed penalty

Medicine DC10 check, removes Hangover…
Longrest or time in hours not drinking in the number of ales drank… removes Drunkenness…
{Drinking/Beeing drunk} for longer then 8 hours you get one level in Exhaustion


History. Your knowledge of cooking techniques al—
lows you to assess the social patterns involved in a cultures
eating habits.
Medicine. When administering treatment, you can
transform medicine that is bitter or sour into a pleasing
Survival. When foraging for food, you can make do
with ingredients you scavenge that others would be unable
to transform into nourishing meals.
Prepare Meals. As part of a short rest, you can pre—
pare a tasty meal that helps your companions regain
their strength. You and up to five creatures of your
choice regain 1 extra hit point per Hit Die spent during
a short rest, provided you have access to your cook’s
utensils and sufficient food.
Natural 1→ food poisoning -10 speed until long rest

Home Rules

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